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About ten years ago, I went to a Nigerian city called PORT-HARCOURT to preach.
A friend of mine who was concerned about the health of a prominent member of my host church introduced the ailing member to me.
I listened to him attentively to grasp what he had passed through for fourteen years of battling with type 2 diabetes. He was well-to-do, a successful businessman, and a political leader in his home community close to the Cameroon border; his only cross was this debilitating diabetes, which had cost him a fortune and robbed him of true enjoyment of life.

Fortunately for him, I carried with me some quantities of different medicinal herbs on this trip. I, therefore, prepared for him a herbal mix customized for his case, and showed him why he should be strict with the new diet we had discussed together.
I also advised him to stop using the particular medicines he had been using before. At first, he was hesitant, but finally agreed to do so. After about three weeks, he phoned to tell me that all traces of high blood sugar had vanished and his blood pressure was within the normal range consistently.
I rejoiced with him and told him to continue to use the herbs for a few more days, while keeping more strictly to the diet than ever before.
After a few more weeks of not using the herbs anymore, he still observed that his health was normal and he could go about his duties with zeal and strength.
He became very excited and started gossiping the news to almost everybody he knew.

This man tried everything to persuade me to travel to his home town, where he said he had many diabetics who were ready to meet me for treatment.
Apparently, they had seen his health improve dramatically and were curious to know what exactly had happened.
After about a year of importunate pleading, I carved out four days to be in his city, a distance of almost twelve hours' drive.
He had booked for me a very comfortable hotel room and informed many people about my visit. I started seeing clients the very day I arrived; they kept coming!! Although the majority of those I attended to were diabetic, each case was peculiar; I would spend nothing less than an hour with each client.
The pressure was so much on me that the first night I slept around 3.00 a.m.!! When I woke up at about 8 in the morning, there was already a long queue waiting for me. For three consecutive nights, I slept in the small hours of the next day!! The whole episode was stressful but very rewarding; rewarding in the sense that many were now educated on how to live right to prevent, not only diabetes, but many other debilitating disorders in the body.

The battle against diabetes, and any other chronic disease for that matter, can never be won by using strategies that suppress it.
Carefully monitored protocols that bring homeostasis to the body and get removed gradually, leaving only the right
RAINBOW DIETS and HEALTH-PROMOTING HABITS, offer solutions to chronic diseases.
If you or your friends have any seemingly impregnable physical disorders, feel free to let me know; together, we may find some simple, harmless solutions to them.
Should it come to the sad condition we see in the picture above? Not at all.

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