About Us

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Mirato Ventures started as far back as 1992.
Rev. Dr Mike Oye, a Naturalist found it necessary to make public his accumulated knowledge on how to live well and long according to natural principles.
That was the official beginning of Mirato Ventures. The practice started within the family, spread to friends and colleagues at work, then, from community to community, and now from nation to nation.
To accelerate the impact of the ministry, it has been necessary to now use the internet to make our wealth of knowledge and expertise available to the whole world.


The Managing Director, Rev. Dr Mike Oye, holds a Ph.D in Agriculture and also a Ph.D in Traditional Naturopathy, and has over fourty (40) years experience in the art and science of natural healing.
He himself has lived according to natural laws from the age of nineteen (19) and is in sound health at eighty (80).
The Deputy Managing Director, Mrs. Mildred Oye, is a seasoned Theologian with sound knowledge of naturopathy, and is also a certified Health Counselor in women affairs.
The Manager, Chidiebere Eze who has a B.Sc in Plant Biology and Biotechnology is well-versed in naturopathic practice, having been trained for the past three (3) years.
All other Staff have basic training in Naturopathy.

What we do:

We are into providing health care in a very scientific, natural and holistic way making use of herbs, diets, lifestyle, and the art of effective counseling.
Our practice focuses on restoring and maintaining healthiness and balance in the spirit, mind and body.
Our herbal formulations are prepared in such a way that they address particular individual's health needs holistically. We heal people, not just diseases.
Based on the philosophy that most diseases are caused by toxicity of the body and impairment in the immune system, thus, we aim at detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system.
We treat virtually all forms of acute and chronic diseases/conditions ranging from malaria, typhoid to diabetes, stroke, cancers, infertility, fibroids, Parkinson's disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, low sperm count, all forms of infection including Staphylococcus aureus, Candida, etc, and many more.
Our counseling also deals with domestic, social, occupational, and spiritual problems.
We also sell herbal and other natural products such as Vitex, fortified turmeric, and Strawberry capsules, Cinnamon, Oils, pure honey, and books on medicinal plants.
We do also train people in basic Naturopathy at three different levels -Ordinary, Higher, and Advanced.

Our Philosophies:

  • Detoxification of the body systems and boosting of the immune system is our primary approach to treatment.
    And you find out that when this is done, virtually all diseases can be eventually cured.
  • You are what you eat. Our observation is that using medicinal herbs without paying strict attention to diet is of no lasting effect.
    For this reason, we advise and encourage some serious cases to be treated with our supervision in our clinic.
  • Exercise is extremely important to health. No movement, death!
  • Human being is a fusion of three (3) parts -spirit, mind, and body.
    These different parts must be kept in optimum health and harmony for the general well-being of the whole person.


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  • 20 Tropical Medicinal Shrubs and Their Health Benefits.
  • 20 Tropical Fruit-Trees and Their Health Benefits.
  • 20 Tropical Spices and Their Health Benefits.